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The Frame Demo Day

6 May-25 May 2023

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New anti-reflection screen tech helps Samsung’s Lifestyle TV fully live up to its promise

Based on Samsung’s claims, this guy wouldn’t be seeing much glare on the NEW Frame TV.

The top reason why The Frame TV?

Cost-effective festive home decor solution

As the festive season approaches, many of us indulge in spending on food, clothing, and electronics. Home decor enthusiasts tend to spend a significant amount of money on fancy and expensive items to spruce up their interiors for the festivities.

the durability and suitability of these items throughout the year are often overlooked, along with the hassle of storage and recurring costs.

To avoid this, consider investing in longer-term, aesthetically pleasing home decor items that can uplift the ambience of your home during the festive season and beyond. The exclusive range of The Frame TV from Samsung is an excellent example of this.

With the potential to display
over 1,400 pieces of artwork from world-famous museums and galleries with a click of a button, The Frame TV offers a balance between technology and art, creating the perfect ambience for all your preferred moods and settings.

When not displaying art, it delivers an immersive 4K viewing experience with a refresh rate of 120Hz.

Investing in The Frame TV is a smarter and cost-effective alternative to buying new home decor items every year, providing a hassle-free experience that elevates your home's ambience all year round.

 "The Frame TV is for customers who want a perfectly acceptable picture in a package that complements their home decor instead of clashing with it."

Make your own lifestyle. Make your own TV.

The finishing touch to your favorite space

Watch Getit video on the Frame TV

Like a picture frame, but better

Watch our 2022 The Frame Talk Show video

The Frame, it finally looks like a Real art

Watch our 2022 The Frame commercial video

Enjoy the art, not the reflection

What are the NEW features?

It feels more like real art with a matte screen

Anti-Reflection with Matte Display

Anti-Reflection technology and the Matte Display Film premium matte finish limit light distraction on your screen by reducing the effects of glare.

Your artwork or your favorite show will look as good in the morning as it does at night with the lights on.

It's a real art.

Real Depth Enhancer

3-dimensional depth with powerful neural networks

  • Real Depth Enhancer mirrors how the human eye processes depth by increasing foreground contrast making your content feel more life-like than ever.
  • It is a multi-intelligence picture quality algorithm. This technological advancement creates a greater sense of realism by determining and processing an object on the screen against its background to create a sense of depth.
  • You will experience depth and dimension on your screen just like you do in real life.

EyeComfort Mode

Intelligent picture optimized for your eye

  • Staring at your TV? Set your sights on a more soothing screen with Comfort Mode.
  • With sunrise and sunset times built-in, it intelligently adapts your display and reduces blue light to keep your eyes more comfortable.

ART while the TV is OFF

Your first step is to off the TV. It's Art.

Everything a picture frame does for you, The Frame does more beautifully.

Modern Frame Design

The Frame's minimalist-inspired design blends flawlessly with your interior. It's slimmer, more toned and a monochrome finish on the back creates a sophisticated look from every angle. Connect the One Invisible Connection cable and discover what makes The Frame a modern masterpiece—on or off.

Choose your customizable Frame

More colours, More styles, More you.

  • Modern bezel style comes in White, Teak and Brown colours and the new Bevel bezel style comes in White and Brick Red.
  • Simple-to-use magnetic application makes it easy to switch between colours and styles and find the right look for the mood you're in.

Wall-mounted it like an Art that keeps The Frame TV extra tight to the wall.

No-Gap Wall Mount

  • Like a real frame, the Slim Fit Wall-Mount brings The Frame flush against the wall. Once mounted, its swivel bracket allows you to rotate the angle of your TV to get it just right. You even have the option to hang The Frame vertically in portrait mode.

One Invisible Connection comes included with purchase.

One Invisible Connection

  • Get rid of messy wires once and for all.
  • The single, translucent One Invisible Connection cable seamlessly connects devices to your TV.
  • With up to 15 meters of freedom, you can finally find a more discreet place for your TV peripherals. Which brings us to the One Connect Box.

One Connect Box, too

One connect box

  • Your external devices no longer have to be placed directly next to your TV.
  • Instead, put them somewhere they can't be seen so you can keep everything about your space looking neat and tidy.

How to display creatively?

Create your own look with various options

Explore possibilities of rotating screen

 Auto-Rotating Wall-mount (Optional purchase)

  • Rotate your TV - horizontally or vertically - with the Auto Rotating Wall Mount to watch your favorite content how you like.
  • Available for optional purchase at Getit

Horizontal or vertical? The choice is yours

Auto-Rotating Studio Stand (Optional purchase)

  • Auto-Rotating Stand allows you to make your choice by rotating the screen horizontally or vertically. So that you can enjoy the content you preferred.
  • Available for optional purchase at Getit

Showcase your TV anywhere

Studio Stand (Optional purchase)

  • With Studio Stand, you can move the TV away from the wall and experiment with all your creative layout ideas.
  • As for the messy TV wires, Studio Stand lets you conceal them inside its leg so no matter where you place your TV, that's all you'll see.

A flush fit to the wall

 FREE Slim Fit Wall Mount

  • The Height Adjustable Stand allows you to raise The Frame from the surface, leaving enough room to fit a soundbar.

Height that fits your space

 FREE Height Adjustable Stand

  • The Height Adjustable Stand allows you to raise The Frame from the surface, leaving enough room to fit a soundbar.

Where to get the art?

World famous galleries in your living room

 Samsung Art Store

  • Choose from over 1,600 works of art from globally renowned institutions on Art Store. Art Store gives you unlimited access from beloved classics to modern marvels to stunning photography.

Create your own content

 My collection

  • You can easily upload and exhibit your own photography or a new family portrait. Simply send your photos to The Frame via your phone or a USB flash drive.

Download high-res pictures from the internet

6 GB Memory

  • The internal storage capacity has gone up from 500MB in the 2020 model to 6GB. It allows for the storage of approximately 1,200 ultra-high-res images.

How's the quality of the art?

Artwork, always in its best light

 Brightness Sensor

  • If the rooms lighting conditions change, The Frame's Brightness Sensor automatically adjusts screen brightness and colour, retaining the natural look and colour of on-screen visuals.

Senses your presence

 Motion sensor

  • The Frame automatically turns on to display your artwork when it senses you've entered the room. Leave the room, and it turns itself off to save energy.

Good quality QLED while the TV is ON

A billion shades of colour with Quantum Dot

100% Colour Volume with Quantum Dot

Quantum Dot technology delivers our finest picture ever. With 100% Colour Volume, Quantum Dot takes light and turns it into breathtaking colour that stays true at any level of brightness.

No judder on a fast-moving object

120 HZ response time

The Frame is powered by Samsung's own Quantum Processor 4K, an artificial intelligence engine and the result of over 30 years of world-leading semiconductor expertise. Fast response time eliminate all the juddering on a fast-moving scene.

Are you a PS5 Gamer?

Let's talk about the Gaming

8 Gaming Gears for winning

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How about the TV sound quality?

Sound that moves with the action

 Object Tracking Sound (Dolby Atmos®)

  • Experience the nuance in every scene with audio that tracks every motion. With dedicated up firing speakers, you can experience realistic 3D sound that pulls you in closer.
  • Dolby Atmos is only available in The Frame TV 55" and above.

TV and soundbar in perfect harmony


  • Surround yourself with sound orchestrated in perfect harmony. Speakers on your Soundbar and TV are synced to operate simultaneously for better surround sound effect without muting your TV speakers.

Auto-optimized sound based on the content type

Adaptive Sound

  • Anything you decide to watch, Adaptive Sound makes sure it sounds its best.
  • Quantum Processor's AI technology optimizes sound based on real-time audio scenic intelligence and automatically adjusts the sound mode to 1 of 4 sound modes including Dialogue, Music, Sport and Action.

Catch every word without distractions

Active Voice Amplifier (AVA)

  • Newly added real time noise intelligence. When noise occurs in the living environment, it could disturb viewers. However, AVA helps emphasize voice of the scene so that the TV can deliver clear dialogues to viewers.

How about the Smart TV content?

Boring with Netflix streaming? Try these

Enjoy USA region-restricted streaming with a Pre-installed app

 USA Smart hub

  • Download as many as USA region-restricted streaming app from the app store in The Frame TV. The universal guide will summarize every new FREE movie for you.

Work from home with the Frame TV?

Turn The Frame into a professional workstation

PC on TV

There are so many ways to stay productive from home with The Frame. It automatically recognizes your office PC, letting you use it right on your TV. Screen share directly from a nearby PC or laptop. Simply connect a Bluetooth mouse and keyboard and see how easy it is to work from home.

Mirror your mobile device

Mobile Mirroring

Mirror content for a bigger and better experience from your mobile devices via SmartThings, or pair with your Apple devices to project via AirPlay.

A customizable multi-screen experience


The Frame lets you watch 2 screens at the same time, so you can work out while streaming your favorite show or movie. Connect your smartphone and make sure you're doing the exercises accurately. Customize video size and audio options and take full control of what and how you watch.

The Frame Demo Day

Available sizes: 85", 75", 65" and 55"

85" The Frame


75" The Frame


65" The Frame


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55" The Frame


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All the Frame TV FREE Slim Fit wall mount and installation

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