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What is Neo QLED (Mini LED)?

A short introduction

It is 40 times smaller

The Neo QLED technology, also known as Mini LED, is a new panel back-lighting technology introduced by Samsung in 2021 to enhance picture quality. Unlike conventional LEDs that come with bulky packaging and lenses, Samsung's Neo QLED technology removes these components and utilizes only the LED chip. This enables the LED pixel size to be reduced by 1/40 compared to conventional LEDs, making them microscopic in size.

Moreover, the new panel design includes an ultra-thin micro-layer that guides the LED's light to prevent leakage into unintended areas of the picture, thereby minimising traditional LED blooming issues. As a result, Neo QLED technology produces deeper black levels and brighter white highlights, resulting in improved picture quality.

2023 flagship Neo QLED 4K Series 9, QN95C

Interplay of superb brightness and vivid color

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What are the NEW improvement?

The QN95C, a highly regarded model at Getit, has been succeeded by the QN95C, a remarkable iteration that not only retains several features of its predecessor but also delivers remarkable advancements in overall picture quality. This notable improvement can be attributed to the notable enhancements made to the picture processor and the integration of state-of-the-art HDR technology. In the upcoming section, we will delve into a comprehensive analysis of these upgrades, shedding light on their significant impact and the exceptional viewing experience they offer.

Neural Quantum Processor 4K

AI-powered 4K picture completed by 20 neural networks

The Samsung QN90C and QN90B (2022) are equipped with different picture processors. Specifically, the QN90C features the NEW Neural Quantum Processor 4K, while the QN90B incorporates the Neo Quantum Processor 4K.

The Neo Quantum Processor 4K utilizes 20 specialized neural networks to expertly upscale 4K resolution, enabling it to enhance every visual aspect of your 4K content. Unlike other processors that rely on a single neural network to analyze visual data, the Neo Quantum Processor 4K uses data produced by 20 neural networks. This results in improved optimization for color, clarity, and contrast, providing a superior visual experience on the Samsung QN90C display.

Neo Quantum HDR+

Touch and feel – it’s real

While both the Samsung QN90C and QN90B (2022) models share support for HDR10, HDR10+, HDR10+ Adaptive, and HLG, their implementation of HDR technology differs. Specifically, the QN90C model utilizes the advanced Neo Quantum HDR technology, while the QN90B model employs the Quantum HDR 32x technology. The former offers a more sophisticated HDR solution, delivering superior HDR outcomes compared to the latter.

The realism of the Samsung QN90C display is unparalleled, with High Dynamic Range technology bringing forth intricate details in color and contrast, thereby providing an immersive experience. The HDR10+ mapping technology further enhances this experience by ensuring precise tone mapping, leading to an optimal display of every scene. It is no exaggeration to say that the visuals on this screen are so realistic that one might be tempted to reach out and touch them.

PANTONE Validated

Authentic color display validated by PANTONE

It's the world’s first TV that received validation from PANTONE, a trusted symbol of color fidelity. Now you can enjoy a more accurate and comfortable watching experience.

Auto HDR Remastering

Enjoy HDR-like picture quality even with SDR content

Transform SDR content into HDR-like quality using deep learning algorithms that create brighter highlights, clearer details and more vibrant colors.

Other notable features designed to enhance picture quality.

Quantum Matrix Technology

What a bright idea

Experience an unparalleled level of color and contrast with Samsung's ultra-precise Quantum Mini LEDs, which take control of individual light zones in your picture, showcasing every freckle on your favourite actor's face, even in the darkest and brightest scenes.

With Quantum Matrix Technology, these brilliant details remain visible even in daylight, ensuring that you are not simply watching TV but rather living it.

This technology is exclusive to Samsung Neo QLED 4K, utilizing a vast grid of Quantum Mini LEDs that are meticulously regulated to produce an incredible visual performance on this Mini LED TV.

Shape Adaptive

To adjust light sources according to the images

The 2023 QN85C features a new capability known as Shape Adaptive that adjusts the light intensity based on the size and shape of objects on the screen. This function enhances the precision of illumination and mitigates the blooming effect, which is characterized by a halo surrounding white objects against a dark background.

14 bits processing light source

Next-Generation Picture Quality

The 2023 QN85C retains a critical enhancement, namely an increase in the luminance scale that measures the number of available tones between the purest black and the most intense white.

Compared to the previous year's model, the 2023 QN85C features a 14-bit scale instead of a 12-bit scale, allowing for more intermediate steps and the reproduction of more gray tones. As a result, detail in both shadows and highlights is improved, and the loss of information in these areas is avoided.


Dis those distractions

The Anti-Glare technology combined with Ultra Viewing Angle ensures that every viewer can enjoy an optimal viewing experience, without being hindered by any negative visual effects. The technology eliminates the need for adjusting ambient light conditions or the arrangement of furniture, and guarantees an uninterrupted 8K visual display. The advanced color quality is uniformly maintained across the entire screen, while minimizing any distracting reflections.

Score 100%

100% Color Volume

Enhance your viewing experience with the superior 100% Color Volume feature. Immerse yourself in a billion shades of steadfast color and revel in vivid, realistic hues at any degree of brightness, as the collaboration between Mini LEDs and Quantum Dot technology meticulously produce each color displayed on your screen.

Real Depth Enhancer

3-dimensional depth with powerful neural networks

Real Depth Enhancer technology mimics the way the human eye perceives depth by heightening foreground contrast, thereby imbuing your content with a greater sense of realism than ever before.

This advanced algorithm for picture quality involves multiple intelligence and operates by detecting and processing objects on the screen relative to their backgrounds, producing a convincing depth effect. Consequently, you will encounter a profound sense of depth and dimension on your screen that rivals real-life experiences.

Motion Xcelerator Turbo+ (4K @120Hz)

Boss mode

Experience seamless performance even during high-speed gaming and action scenes. With a refresh rate of up to 120Hz, enjoy smooth and immersive visuals without any lag or motion blur. Keep up with the supersonic speed and catch every thrilling frame, feeling the excitement and intensity of every moment.

EyeComfort Mode

Intelligent picture optimized for your eye

Experience a more comfortable and soothing viewing experience with the Comfort Mode feature. This technology is designed to reduce blue light emissions and adjust the display based on the local sunrise and sunset times.

By preloading this information into the TV's system, it can automatically adapt to the lighting conditions and reduce eye strain, allowing you to enjoy your viewing experience for longer periods of time.

Ultra Viewing Angle

Day or night, every seat is the best in the house

Our highly acclaimed anti-glare screen ensures that brightness of the sun or the lights in the room do not affect the quality of the picture. As a result, viewers can enjoy an unparalleled level of vivid color and contrast in any lighting condition. This allows for an uninterrupted viewing experience whether it be a midday sports match or a midnight movie. So, no matter the viewing angle or position, viewers can fully immerse themselves in the content without any distractions, ensuring that they never miss any of the action.

All 4 HDMI port supports HDMI 2.1

This is important to play the latest game console such as Playstation 5.

Notable features designed to enhance Sound quality.

Dolby Atmos and Object Tracking Sound

Dolby Atmos experience with top channel speakers

The 2023 Neo QLED boasts an exceptional Dolby Atmos experience, courtesy of the new top channel speakers from Samsung. This innovative TV incorporates multi-channel speakers positioned throughout the device, resulting in a dynamic sound experience that immerses the viewer in the action from all angles.

Moreover, the OTS (Object Tracking Sound) technology has been further enhanced in the 2023 models with the addition of OTS Pro. This feature comprises potent up-firing speakers that create overhead surround sound, ensuring that sound effects follow on-screen objects as they move across the room.

With OTS technology and Dolby Atmos integration, the viewer can expect a vividly realistic 3D sound that places them in the middle of the action. Rain and explosions sound as though they are coming from above or beyond, thanks to strategically placed speakers located behind the screen.

Q Symphony 3.0

Giving new meaning to better together

Q-Symphony 3.0 integrates with Samsung's Neo Quantum Processor to extract dialogue audio and transmit it through Q-Series soundbars, while surround audio is delivered through the TV's built-in speakers, resulting in a more immersive and nuanced auditory experience.

Samsung also introduced an upgraded iteration of Q-Symphony latest version, which allows Q Series soundbars to synchronise with all drivers integrated into Samsung TVs, as opposed to only a subset of them.

Enhance your audio experience with the dynamic combination of Samsung televisions and soundbars. Utilizing Q-Symphony technology, Q-Series and S-Series soundbars seamlessly integrate with your TV's built-in speakers to function as a single entity. The result is an impeccably balanced and precisely synchronised audio experience, as all channels are finely tuned to deliver an immersive sound stage.

Object Tracking Sound+

Thrilling 3D audio that moves sound with the action on-screen

Take your audio experience to another level with thrilling 3D sound that moves with the action on-screen. With 8 dedicated TV speakers arranged throughout the screen, you’ll experience dynamic surround sound that truly tracks the action. From high-speed car chases to waves crashing on the beach – you’ll feel like you’re there in the thick of it all.

Adaptive sound 2.0

 Auto-calibrates your TV's audio output

The Adaptive Sound 2.0 mode is designed to optimize the audio performance of the soundbar automatically, depending on the type of content being played. The latest version of Adaptive Sound improves the audio quality at lower volumes, especially in the area of voice playback.

Adaptive Sound ensures an optimal audio experience, regardless of the content being played. Leveraging the advanced AI technology of the Quantum Processor, it continuously analyzes real-time audio cues to automatically adjust to one of four sound modes - Dialogue, Music, Sport, or Action - based on the specific scene.

Active voice amplifier

 Sound renovation redefined

The AVA technology, integrated in QN85C, detects noise disturbances that surpass the TV sound for more than three seconds. In response, it boosts the volume of dialogue from the TV, making it more discernible amidst the surrounding noise.

AVA accomplishes this by analyzing the audio from a scene and collecting the accompanying sound data. Subsequently, the Quantum Processor's Active Voice Amplifier processes the incoming sound data and optimizes the audio using data from the Sound Sensor Engine. As a result, even amidst noise disturbances, dialogue can be heard with clarity.

Notable features designed to enhance Gaming Experience

Samsung Gaming Hub

 Where gaming comes together

The Samsung Gaming Hub serves as a comprehensive platform for gaming on your 2023 Samsung Neo QLED, offering access to an extensive library of the latest games from Xbox and other premier game streaming partners without the need for downloads, storage restrictions, or a separate console. The experience is as simple as turning on your TV and diving right into the gaming world.

The Best of Gaming all in one place. Discover new games and old favourites. Advance streaming tech built right into your TV. Play instantly, no new gear required

Now streaming Xbox games right to your Neo QLED

No console required

We are thrilled to announce that Xbox is now an official partner of Samsung Gaming Hub. Whether you’re battling the Covenant, exploring the fields of Skyrim, or cruising across Mexico in Forza, the ultimate Xbox experience is now available on your 2022 Samsung Smart TV.

Proud partnerships

Here's our growing list of partners helping us bring game streaming greatness to the world.

Let's talk about the slim design

Nail your first impression

 NeoSlim Design

As enthusiasts of aesthetically pleasing designs, we understand the significance of a well-presented product. The NeoSlim Design of this TV, featuring an ultra-slim profile and hexagonal plate stand, prioritises visual appeal and delivers an impressive first impression.

Let's talk about the Smart function

USA Smart Hub

 Discover your favorite contents in one place

Experience a wide array of streaming options on your Samsung Neo QLED with the added convenience of Samsung Smart Hub. Navigate effortlessly through an extensive collection of movies, shows, games, music, and more, all arranged for quick access. Discover new and exciting content from popular apps like HBO MAX, Disney+, and Hulu restricted region apps. Join us at our Roadshow, and we'll provide you with a firsthand experience.

Video Call Application

 Make video calls on the big screen

Enjoy high-quality video calls on the big screen with Google Duo. Connect with up to 32 people, whether it's for work or leisure, and take advantage of the superior picture and sound quality provided by your TV.

See it all on one screen

 Multi View

Experience the convenience of multitasking with your TV. With the ability to watch up to two different things at once, including content from your mobile device, you can enjoy live sports stats while keeping up with your favorite shows or view cheat videos while gaming - all on the big screen.

85" flagship Neo QLED 4K. Series 9


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65" flagship Neo QLED 4K. Series 9


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55" flagship Neo QLED 4K. Series 9


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