BESPOKE AirDresser

Intelligently Clean, Sanitize, Refresh your cloths, EVERYDAY

BESPOKE AirDresser is an upgrade to the original AirDresser, which is a new type of laundry appliance.

It’s a steam wardrobe. 

As an alternative solution to traditional laundry, it will give you another way to refresh expensive garments such as Baju Kurung, steam clean bedding and kids’ toys, remove wrinkles from clothes, dry damp coats and more.

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Why should you buy this?

Refresh & Sanitize

Sanitize and refresh your clothes

Intelligent Care

Clean clothes easily and effectively with a powerful AI Control


Add a stylish and unique look to your home

Refresh & Sanitize


Sanitize and refresh your clothes. The Sanitize function uses JetSteam to eliminates 99.9% of bacteria and viruses and kills 100% of house dust mites*. Wrinkle Care uses JetSteam and JetAir to smooth out creases in clothes. And JetSteam also removes odor causing gases and harmful substances.**

Smart clothes care

AI Control

Clean clothes easily and effectively with a powerful AI Control. In particular, AI Pattern personalizes the controls by remembering your habits* and displaying the most common courses and settings.

Stylishly unique

Elegant Mirror Finish

Add a stylish and unique look to your home. Mirror finish offers a style that suits any type of decoration in any room of your home.

Deodorizes inside

Deodorizing filter

Keep clothes fresh by deodorizing inside the cabinet. A Deodorizing Filter captures and removes odor-causing gases released from clothes and stops them creating an unpleasant smell and causing secondary contamination. It eliminates 99% of odors,such as sweat,tobacco,roasting meat and dry cleaning*.

Optimized drying

AI Dry

Enjoy faster drying using AI Dry technology with a humidity sensor. By continually sensing the humidity of the clothes it accurately detects how much they have dried and intelligently reduces the drying time accordingly. So your laundry is always dried thoroughly in the shortest possible time.

Clean long clothes

Long Dress Zone

Clean long clothes much more conveniently. The AirDresser includes a Long Dress Zone that is specially designed to hold long dresses, coats or jackets. The left-hand side of the cabinet is 143cm in height, and can accommodate clothes that are 20cm longer than in the rest of the cabinet.

JetAir + AirHanger

Remove dust and odors from inside nd outside your clothes quickly and quietly. Using the Jet Air system and Air Hangers it blows powerful jets of air upwards and downwards. So it loosens and removes engrained dust, even deep inside clothes. And it creates less vibration and much less noise*!

Self Clean

Keep the inside clean and hygienic to maintain the best performance. Self Clean technology dehumidifies, sanitizesand deodorizes inside. You don’t need harsh or costly detergent as it cleans using a combination of heat, air and steam. And it notifies you when it needs cleaning after 40 cycles


Take good care of clothesby keeping your room dry, without an extra dehumidifier. When the door is open, the Dehumidification function draws in air from the room, extracts moisture from it and expels dry air. It ensures that any clothes are kept in the ideal conditions to protect them.


Samsung BESPOKE AirDresser (Mirror)

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